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Thank you for your Registration. Please proceed with payment below.


Please select the correct option below. Pre -Online Registration is $20 and $20 each additional wrestler in the same family.


You can pay with a major credit card by selecting other payment on the next screen.




Please contact us with any issues at

PERMISSION:  The wrestler named above has my permission to participate in the practice sessions for 4K-5th grade wrestling sponsored by the Southern Door Wrestling Club, held at Southern Door Schools. I understand that I am wholly responsible for any injuries my child may receive as a result of participation in these practices. I verify that I have health insurance for my child in the event of injury. I will NOT hold the Southern Door Wrestling Club, coaches or the Southern Door School District liable if injury should occur.


SINGLETS:   The wrestler named above will issued a singlet to use as needed during the wrestling season. This singlet MUST BE RETURNED to the Southern Door Wrestling Club at the end of the wrestling season (usually end of March). IF THIS SINGLET IS DAMAGED, LOST OR NOT RETURNED, I AGREE TO PAY THE SOUTHERN DOOR WRESTLING CLUB $75.00 TO REPLACE IT.


RELEASE:  I do hereby give permission to the Southern Door Wrestling Club, members and coaches to use my child’s photograph, photographic image and/or name as it relates to the sport of wrestling in any website, social media, announcements, newsletters, advertisements, newspaper, etc. It is agreed that the use of my child’s photograph, image and name shall be used as it relates to the sport of wrestling. I do hereby release and forever discharge Southern Door Wrestling Club, Southern Door Schools, members and coaches from any and all demands and/or causes of action of any nature arising out of the use of my child’s photograph, image and name as it relates to wrestling as stated herein.


CONDUCT:  I do hereby pledge that my wrestler and I will be responsible for displaying good sportsmanship and represent the Southern Door Wrestling Club and community with respect and self-control.  My wrestler and I will not engage in any behavior that will endanger the safety or well-being of any participant, coach, parent/guardian, referee or spectator, and will abstain from using abusive and inappropriate language at any practice or competitive event.  I will not leave any non-wrestling siblings or friends at practices unattended, and will not allow them to become a distraction at practices.  Failure to abide by this conduct guideline may result in removal from said events.

By paying the fee below you have agreed to all the terms above

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